Close shop after 7 go out nearly 100: cross area opens a shop, beware these 3 trap!

From opening a niche Brazilian barbecue buffet restaurant to multi-brand layout, from closing 7 stores to opening nearly 100 stores, from guangzhou to the whole country…

Think the characteristics, rare there is a big market, in fact, is acceptable or few people; Thinking that if you fire in one area, you’ll be invincible, and the team will fail to keep up. Think that the distance between the long brand does not need to be high, the result is that the customer did not recognize…

And look at this food enterprise multi – brand, cross – regional development fell pit.

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American food apocalypse: the most precious experience is freedom

Look at how the most mature markets work.

In July 2018, Chen pengpeng, the founder of Chen pengpeng goose restaurant, made another trip to the United States, spending three weeks with his children on the west coast. After his NTH transoceanic flight, he observed more new changes and Shared them with us. “Huge amount of information” is also the feeling of many Chinese food and beverage people after they go to the United States. This mature market, which is always changing, can always bring infinite inspiration to the Chinese food and beverage which is just starting to become professional.

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hundreds of brands gathered in wuhan what is worth seeing?

It’s crayfish season again. Yesterday in wuhan, a grand festival about crayfish was held. Famous brands gathered at the scene, industry players to express their opinions, for the development of the crayfish industry pulse ideas.

What exactly did they say? What else can a crayfish do?

From regional delicacies to national delicacies;

With an annual growth rate of 80%, the market is approaching 300 billion yuan.

Restaurants, takeaways, supermarkets, supply chains, all-pervasive;

Capital, e-commerce giants, listed companies, swarmed in.

These, said is the national super single product – crayfish!


On one side the red sea, steaming hot,

One is the survival of the fittest under the red sea.

Upstream “scattered, chaotic and slow” — supply failure in the peak season of 2017, and high purchase price in 2018;

The number of new brands surged downstream – big brands earned the whole year in peak season, while small brands suffered in peak season.

But the peak season gets earlier and shorter.

At the beginning of each year, 100,000 people join in, and at the end of each year, 95% of them are eliminated.

But the pioneers have found a new blue sea!

Consumer regions are expanding — from east China to northwest China, with megaton cities all over the place;

The consumer group expands — from the generation after 1970 to the generation after 2000, all people love crayfish;

Rich consumption scenes — from offline to online, full coverage of dinner and snacks;

Consumer tastes are segmented — from classic to trendy, with increasing diversity.

In the face of new consumer demand, crayfish industry practitioners should grasp the industry opportunity, break the industry pain points, win in the red sea billion?

Yesterday, nestle professional catering held in wuhan “limitless potential evolution, crayfish” nestle professional catering crayfish tide taste conference, joint well-known media industry jointly issued the 2019 crayfish category data report, from the heat consumption, industrial chain, such as consumer behavior and the category development perspective, the most comprehensive analysis of the small lobster this hot style sheet is tasted; At the same time, nestle professional catering also invited a number of crayfish brands and upstream and downstream service providers, such as decadent shrimp, prawn, hu da, yi pin dai ji, liang liang steamed shrimp, shrimp king, jingdong 7Fresh, xiang shang xiang, to discuss the development direction of the crayfish industry in 2019.

Macau catering, details see surprise

I often go to macau and experience more and more. I can find a little surprise every time I eat in a small shop or a Michelin restaurant. From the perspective of a consumption-observer, the details of what you see and taste during a meal are often surprising. Today, lu lu shares some thoughts.

Self-help form, plus fresh charm

What kind of food tastes better? Fresh and experienced.

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