“Gambler psychology” is the main reason, web celebrity catering exploded after the rapid demise of the red

Wen he you, elder brother old official, like tea, le le tea, they are not the first red hot web celebrity catering, of course, will not be the last batch.

Remember five or six years ago, that red through hangzhou cheese cake shop uncle chase? At the beginning of 2013, uncle Chester, who is said to be from Japan, entered the Chinese market and began to play hunger marketing. In a store, a single oven can hold 12 cheesecake, and generally only three ovens are open at a time. One oven needs to bake for 45 minutes.

At its most extravagant, customers wait four or five hours for a cheesecake. And each store line, and help uncle Keith attract more people to line up. A cheesecake costs 39 yuan, which is not expensive, but a store with a good location could have a monthly turnover of one million yuan at its peak. In more than a year, uncle Chester opened more than 30 direct stores in Shanghai and more than 40 other cities, with a total of more than 120 franchised stores.

Only a year later, however, the cheesecake was no longer a novelty, the lines were thinning and uncle Chester’s fever quickly cooled. By the end of 2014, uncle Chester had 20 stores in Shanghai customs, with only one store remaining in each district. Soon, hangzhou will be hard to find.

Some people in the industry believe that the single product marketing line is the main reason for the rapid decline of uncle Keith – when hunger marketing works, only a single product can make it a pot of money; When the hunger is gone, customers want to try something else but find there is no alternative, so they give up.

Some food commentators believe that “gambler mentality” may be one of the main reasons for the rapid demise of some web celebrity restaurants. Because once tasted the sweet head that explode red, can stare at all sorts of opportunity that explode red all the time, do not be willing to manage a food and beverage brand slowly, attentive ground again, can look down upon those people that work slowly to give fine work even. Already had many dining personage to realize this problem, want to avoid to become a “phenomenon class” web celebrity dining-room, trickle down, steady management just is the most important.