《Breakfast in China》 refuses to advertise web celebrity. What are his criteria?

Breakfast in China, a documentary about breakfast in different parts of China, is being broadcast by channel TV and tencent video. “What makes’ breakfast in China ‘so popular is that people realize that there are so many interesting breakfast in China,” said zhu lexian, executive producer of “breakfast in China” and director of “breakfast in China” wang shengzhi. The first season of “breakfast in China” has 35 episodes.

Choose to run more than two generations of shops, the owner can be happy

Selection criteria:

It can’t be a web celebrity store.

The store had better be run by more than two generations.

Breakfast category is relatively simple, and is contemporary people eat breakfast every day.

The operation of the breakfast shop is very hard, every day from dawn to dusk, most owners get up at 3 or 4 o ‘clock every morning, many people are bitter, the choice of the breakfast shop owner is to be able to be happy.

“Breakfast in China” every episode 5 minutes, short and concise, based on the Chinese provinces and cities of the breakfast shop as the unit, introduce the national market breakfast: hunan changsha rice noodles, guangdong chaoshan pig blood soup, guizhou kaili acid soup powder, fujian fu ‘an Fried bread, shaanxi xi ‘an ma hua oil tea… It’s both mouthwatering and tells the story of its maker.

The idea of shooting a documentary themed on the daily breakfast of Chinese people originated from the general director wang shengzhi who found that the post-1990 generation in the team did not eat breakfast very much, or had a sloppy breakfast. So wang shengzhi led a team to conduct a three-month survey, looking for local breakfast specialties hidden in communities across the country.

Taking the breakfast shop as the unit is the shooting direction set by the program team of breakfast in China from the very beginning.

The China breakfast crew has been shooting since last winter, and filming is still ongoing. Wang shengzhi admitted that the research time of 3 months is too short at present. “I think it will take at least 1 year to research the breakfast forms in different parts of the country.”

Wang shengzhi revealed that since the film crew is mainly from the south, they were not used to eating breakfast in the north when they came to the north.

Shoot an episode for five minutes for at least two days

Each episode of “breakfast in China” is 5 minutes long, but the shooting team needs to spend two days to shoot the material for an episode. Wang shengzhi said.

The first changsha powder set shop little pink boy, is the son of the owner, his humorous language and freely in the face of the lens ring a lot of powder, many netizens like this cute little boy powder, Wang Shengzhi said, because the breakfast shop owner are ordinary people, they familiar with camera, familiar with the director takes a long time, so the early communication to build trust, also need some time. “The suo fen boy in changsha noodle shop is an unexpected joy in the process of shooting. These interesting and meaningful moments are very precious,” zhu said.

With only five minutes per episode, how do you balance delicious food and characters in a limited amount of time? According to zhu, breakfast in China distilling the key points of the food making process and recording the decisive moments on camera, “each food has its own unique features, such as the key ingredients and the long stews.” As for character, breakfast in China USES characters’ actions, language, objects and atmosphere in the scene and even music to create character. For example, every boss has his own single cycle in each episode, and the character’s personality can be seen from music.

Wang Shengzhi further told reporters that choose to cut into the music, the film crew is in the process of filming found breakfast shop owner from 1 PM to rest, they smoke tea will put some music, and volume is very big, “I have found that they all listen to the song with pop some disconnect, has a nostalgic atmosphere of township county, a breakfast shop owner has its own exclusive songs, such as some bosses like emil chau” flower heart “, and the like ren “heart too soft”.”

When asked whether the shooting process had affected the business of the breakfast shop, wang felt very sorry. “the busiest time of the breakfast shop was around 9 o ‘clock. We did put a camera on the shop to disturb the business of the owner, because many customers left when they saw the machine.”

Address is not advertising, is convenient for users

Late breakfast’s packaging for the added fun and sex, Zhu Lexian think that documentary ever more biased towards knowledge, relatively serious style, in the context of the Internet, documentary can try more close to the user, more vivid, so as to attract a younger audience to watch, “the late flower words borrowed from variety of technique, learn from each other between content category is the norm.”

It is worth mentioning that the breakfast Chinese 5 minutes per episode, with 5 minutes to show the audience a breakfast Chinese local characteristics, is an attempt of short video documentaries, Zhu Lexian said, “a short video quality is already a trend, we will provide the audience fragmentation time in watching the possibility of audiences on the commuter provide nutritious, with pleasure.”

Every episode breakfast’s end the detailed address that will be posted on the breakfast shops and business hours, some netizens questioned the move is to store advertising, this Wang Shengzhi responded that “breakfast shop owners are ordinary people, each breakfast also sold cheaply, could be a reputation in the local shop, without the need for advertising, posted in the film addresses and operating time, is to give users do strategy.”

“In addition,” the owners of the breakfast shop are very hard work, income is not high, if you can through this way to give them a little income is also a good thing, because we filming also disturb each other, this is also out of compensation psychology, is not any advertising nature. Wang shengzhi said.