Six years into the line, to the first business catering people some advice

Today, a person on zhihu asked what advice was given to young people who start a business for the first time. Based on my own experience, here are some tips for first-time restaurateurs:

As a person who has been engaged in catering and entrepreneurship for six years, I would like to share my two Suggestions and some specific insights:

Suggestion 1:

When you decide to start your own business, be prepared for any hardships.

A lot of people have been successful in their previous jobs, feel that their abilities are underestimated, and think that if they go out to start a business, they will win. As a result, after starting my own business, I found that looking for people, looking for money, looking for products, internal management, external public relations, big to the future development direction, small to a screw a wire to install a telephone, everything is put in front of me… At this time will be in confusion, entrepreneurship is not when the boss, how to become dry manual work?

Many people think it’s easy to be a boss, but they don’t know how many things a boss has to deal with:

When you think the product is simple, you will learn, the boss has been for this taste tireless for several years; By the time you think management is easy and money will get you hired, your boss has created dozens of incentive programs for employees. When you think decorate simple, money can get everything done, the boss has paid hundreds of thousands of tuition fees in this area; When you think the chain is simple, look for someone to open a store soeasy, the boss has accumulated in the industry for many years; When you come home from work and can go out and have a good time, the boss is still busy in the empty shop. By the time you complain about a problem, your boss has already come up with several solutions. When you think it’s cool being the boss, the boss will envy you…

What does it take to be a boss? Most people’s work is limited to a small area they are familiar with, and they don’t have the ability to control the overall situation. Therefore, the people who are really suitable for starting a business may be those who have reached the management level in a certain company and can lead the company to a certain direction. In addition, for most people, the problems they will face in starting a business are probably more than 90% of what they have never experienced.

Suggestion 2:

When you decide to start a business, you have a lot to lose.

Many people find it comfortable to start a business and be a boss. They have the freedom of time and can take a trip whenever they want. But when you do start a business, you know what’s beyond your control.

Are you going to a friend’s party? You’re dealing with a problem. You got a date. Are you going? Which would you choose between a big team meeting or a big date with your girlfriend?

After starting your own business, you will find that you have more and more contacts, but at the same time, you will have fewer and fewer friends. In the eyes of your friends, you become a busy man who only knows how to make money. Only in the dead of night, when you are alone, do you know what you are not. Not having meals on time is getting worse physically, not having rest on time and not being in a good mental state. Watching a movie or going on a trip has become a luxury. If you are too busy, you will miss out on life. Friendship, love, health, hobbies, and when you start a business, you have a lot to lose.

Proposal 3:

When you decide to start your own business, you need to be prepared to keep learning.

The process of starting a business is a process of constantly discovering and solving problems. When your boss tells you a job you can’t do, you may not do it, you may refuse, and you may even quit your job to change a job. When you start a business, you have to go ahead, because the sky is falling and you’re the only one holding it.

Keep learning and improving your ability to learn. It’s your only survival guide on the road to entrepreneurship. So when you decide to start your own business, you have to abandon the idea of relying on anyone, give up all the negative resistance, ready to fight, brave and positive to meet everything, because, this will be your own battle.

Finally, some practical and effective business advice:

If you have a choice, don’t partner with someone you know.

Work with people whose skills complement your own. It’s better to find someone with better ability than you, so that you can make progress.

3. Buy a house, buy a car, get married and start a career. If you think all these are very important, then I suggest you don’t choose to start a business, get married and start a career first.

Don’t borrow money to start a business, because you may not be able to pay it back. Don’t lose your dreams and trust your friends.

Be prepared for the long haul. Today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful, if you have to survive tomorrow.

6. Don’t think too much and plan too big. You can paint a pie chart for your team, but don’t just paint it yourself.

Don’t get hung up on people and don’t hang out with them unless you’re born with the ability to do so. Only by improving ourselves can we win the respect of our peers.

Don’t covet fame, don’t give yourself a title you can’t afford, don’t label yourself a misnomer. It’s good to be true to yourself and do things.

If you choose this path, don’t worry about what others think, what you achieve, or what you fail at.

Examine yourself regularly and ask yourself questions. Determine your own direction, will be able to withstand any unnecessary temptation, especially when you will be more and more, the face of the temptation will be more and more, at this time, it is important to be loyal to their own loyalty to the future.

11. Keep learning. No matter reading a book or purchasing a paid training course, or even subscribing to a free public account, keep learning and reading every day to keep yourself fresh forever.

12 pay attention to their own health, the body is the capital of all.

13. Spend more time with your family, behind the business, if there is family support, this is your greatest happiness.

14. Always be grateful. If someone helps you, you must remember to repay him or her in the future. If someone does something bad to you, don’t hold it against him, because it is those who can’t defeat you that make you strong in the end. It’s not chicken soup, it’s truth.

If you haven’t succeeded in the short term, don’t give up. Give yourself a little more time.

Above, good luck.