The price of 7 percent cold drinks has risen, and the traditional cheap popsicles and small puddings, which cost about 1 yuan, are becoming increasingly difficult to find

These two days the temperature rises, go outdoors feel hot, eat an ice cream really cool.

Citizen zhu lady reflects, nanjing cold drink market condition rises than last year this year. Last year’s 2.5 yuan matoupai ice brick now 3 yuan; Last year’s 3.50 yuan one was much more cute, this year’s 5 yuan… In nanjing, a cold drink wholesale market in wenchang lane, the reporter found the answer.

Most cold drinks in wholesale stores are “Internet celebrities”.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to the cold drink wholesale market near nanjing city wen chang lane, see on billboard multifarious: “characteristic special offer” “web celebrity hot style” “run quantity star” wait for word conspicuous.

Look down again in freezer, what appear out of the blue is a few web celebrity names: web celebrity big white rabbit toffee, double yellow egg ice cream, coconut ash cone, pearl milk tea, blueberry cheese ice cream, ice tea ice cream, chili ice cream… A netizen that is choose and buy tells a reporter, this is web celebrity inn, shake sound in the fire rises recently. And the traditional 1 yuan or so affordable popsicles, small puddings, ice factories and other increasingly difficult to find.

The reporter managed to find several old popsicles and small puddings in the bottom of a corner freezer. The store owner said the majority of young customers come here, all for double yellow egg ice cream and other web celebrity hot style cold drinks, a buy is a whole ice bag. Small puddings and old popsicles were brought in to meet the needs of a small group of neighbors, including regular customers.

A friend recommended Ms. Ye to bring two insulated bags and buy 170 yuan cold drinks at one time. Such standard spending is common, says the boss, because cold drinks are sold wholesale and customers do not bargain.

Seventy percent of cold drinks have gone up in price

Yesterday, the reporter visited the 4 supermarkets that are located in nanjing city east, river west, city south randomly respectively, convenience store and small shop, see the cold drink ark of size each different is put in each inn doorway very conspicuous position, many inn put up a sign on freezer “welcome wholesale” “most the most favorable one price”.

The reporter discovers, many cold drink breed rose in price: the bright ice brick of 2.5 yuan rose to 3 yuan last year; 3.5 yuan a cute go up to 5 yuan; 8 yuan a dream dragon, this year sold to 9 yuan… Even so, many customers said that the eat still eat.

In a small supermarket near the alfalfa garden in the east of the city, people keep coming to buy cold drinks. “This year lovely much all sell 5 dollars!” Xiao wang, an office worker, said frankly: “our family are all ‘cute’ loyal fans, the son is a small loyal fan, eating ‘cute’ price went up, just started to sell 2.5 yuan, later rose to 3.5 yuan, and now it has become 4 yuan, some varieties of 5 yuan. Besides lovely much, dream dragon, bright ice brick, horse head card also price rises 1 yuan to differ.

“Seventy percent of cold drinks have gone up in price this year.” The owner of a cold drink wholesale market said that not only the price of cold drinks has gone up, but also the wholesale price of some cheap 1 yuan popsicles has gone up by 4 or 5 yuan.

The rise in sugar has driven up the price of cold drinks

From wind information display, cold drink prices the main reason is affected by the rising cost of raw materials such as sugar, chocolate, the reporter understands many interviews, the current domestic milk powder out of stock, imported milk powder prices generally, in addition to raw materials, the transportation cost of cold drink market, artificial and environmental costs are also increased year by year, which caused the cold drink prices this year.

According to the wholesale store owner, the popular ice cream maker menglong suggested that the retail price of each ice cream be raised to 9 yuan from 8 yuan last year. The price of basi ice cream also rose. “Erie big pudding” although retail price maintains 1 yuan changeless, but “thin body”, become 60 grams from 70 grams in previous years.