Observation on the status quo of takeaway riders: the distribution system is strictly standardized, and the living space is compressed again and again

Recently, all walks of life outside selling little brother concern has been upgraded. Takeaway boy, as a service provider, there is a company order delivery regulation before, after the consumer a message evaluation, under the attack of takeaway boy, how much living space?

According to the statistical report on the development of the Internet in China, by December 2018, the number of online takeaway users had reached 406 million, up 18.2 percent from the end of 2017, accounting for 49 percent of Internet users. The number of mobile online takeaways reached 397 million, accounting for 48.6 percent of mobile Internet users, with an annual growth rate of 23.2 percent.

According to the comprehensive public information, although the total number of Meituan takeout 3 million riders and ele. me 2.7 million riders is 5.7 million, the recruitment platform has been hung with advertisements of “recruiting riders”, but the gap of riders is still large.

1、Traffic regulations for riders are again controversial

In march this year, the pudong district of Shanghai took the lead in proposing to standardize the biker’s policy: riders must “wear numbered safety reflective vests”. According to the score management of motor vehicle drivers, once the score exceeds 36 points in a scoring cycle, the rider will be included in the “list of persons with more violations” and forbidden to receive orders.

On June 1, traffic police in yangzhou, east China’s jiangsu province announced that they will put a “tight ban” on “delivery boys” who break traffic laws once, stop work for one day, and push the riders’ illegal information to food delivery companies for strict treatment.

Traffic police will deal with the illegal behaviors of takeaway riders found in the road improvement strictly according to laws and regulations, and push the illegal information of riders to takeaway enterprises. According to the illegal information pushed by the traffic police, the enterprise will impose four levels of superimposed punishment on the external riders:

1 day after the first traffic violation will be stopped; After accumulating 2 traffic violations, the order will be stopped for 2 days. Accumulated traffic violation for 3 times or more, each time the enterprise stops receiving orders for 3 days; The takeaway rider who is held criminally responsible for a traffic accident will be dismissed immediately.

According to yangzhou traffic police, they will urge food delivery companies to implement the “three unified” system, namely uniform clothing, helmet and code, so that “one person, one car, one license and one code”.

The delivery incubator and rider’s back shall be labeled with codes, and the rider’s identification system shall be established to help traffic management departments investigate and deal with the traffic violation of the rider.

It is worth noting that once the regulation was released, the attitude of netizens was that it should be implemented nationwide. The traffic regulations of the riders are strictly checked again and again. What is the living situation of the delivery boy?

2、 Observation on the status quo of rider industry

According to the interview, many takeaway companies are facing difficulties in recruiting people. Now the subsidy is small, many people think “it is better to go back to the factory”, young people have left. The rest have families and no skills.” “Said one industry source.

Many locals are reluctant to work and there is a lot of turnover. “To get into a company, you have to receive training, which costs around 1,000 yuan to train a mature rider. Many locals don’t want to do it because it’s too hard, and most of the riders in the company are outsiders.” In terms of age, most people are 30-40 years old, the younger ones are unwilling to work, and the older ones are unable to work.

A takeaway rider from nanyang, henan province, said the post has long working hours and flexible mechanism. Although it takes six days off and one day off, it doesn’t have much rest time. In case of bad weather, platform subsidies + merchants’ tips are not acceptable.

“Who wants to violate regulations ah, sometimes customers urge urgent, also afraid of complaints, be deducted money” had to accelerate, retrograde.

Rider, as an important link of delivery, is becoming an important link of customer experience. The biggest problem for businesses is that many customers can’t separate the experience from the rider’s meal.

Boss li, who runs the breakfast shop, said that the most relevant thing with the rider was not only the delivery of the food, but also the evaluation. “some customers reported that the rider was late and gave a bad comment directly. The customer report dish cool, soup spilled, give bad comment!”

Wang, who runs a barbecue and snack bar, said many of the vendors think that by giving food to the riders, they are not responsible.

This is a misconception. “the takeaway guy has the potential to shape the consumer experience. The rider passes the meal directly to the customer, and the tone and manner of speaking are passed on to the customer. The customer naturally forms an impression on the meal.”


The role of the takeaway rider in the business is self-evident. In some brand stores, special rest areas are set up to prepare tea, charging and other configurations. “riders’ mood is directly transmitted to customers, and when they are in a good mood, food delivery can also provide customers with a pleasant consumption experience”.

The takeaway industry enters a period of steady development, at which time traffic regulation becomes the focus of regulation, which also indicates the problems in the distribution process.

However, riders should not be required to establish safety traffic awareness unilaterally. What is more important is the guarantee and standard of the whole industry’s distribution system, so that the whole system can produce the maximum benefit.