Two men in Italy have fled a Chinese restaurant after attacking its owner for a “bully meal”

Two men escaped from a Chinese restaurant in the city of Livorno after attacking its owner and eating overbearing food.

At the restaurant, Iltirreno, Italy, the two men ordered cantonese Fried rice and spring rolls, with a bill totaling 30 euros, Iltirreno reported. But when the meal was over, one of them made an excuse to leave the restaurant, and the other went to the front door and wanted to go out too, but did not ask for the bill. The Chinese restaurant owner began to suspect that they wanted to escape the order and asked him to pay first, but the man pushed him to the ground and ran out of the door.

The Chinese owner fell to the ground with a broken arm, but he and some of his staff chased him out of the store, trying to catch the man who had eaten the overbearing meal. The two sides in the chase, was seen by a passer-by call the police. Police arrived a few minutes later, but the suspect had escaped. Police later heard testimony from the Chinese boss who was attacked. The two suspects are believed to be Italian.

“After they escaped, they pushed my husband to the ground and hurt his arm. It has caused us so much trouble that we don’t want to talk about it any more,” said the Chinese boss’s wife. Fortunately my husband was not badly hurt and we have told the police everything that happened.”

Police are investigating the case. The report said the case may only be solved in the hope that surveillance cameras caught the two men on the run.