Why do you order takeout when you know there are so many “holes”?

“For the same set meal, takeout costs 11 yuan more than a meal on the premises, plus an extra 9 yuan for delivery.” Recently, the phenomenon that some restaurants’ take-out is more expensive than the in-room food has attracted media attention.

As a matter of fact, the two-pack price of take-out food has been around for so long that it is no surprise to consumers who are used to seeing “big and small holes” in the delivery platform. Some netizens joked that the life that has not been “cheated” by takeaway food is an imperfect life. Behind the jokes is a more poignant reality — knowing that there are so many “holes”, you still need to order takeout.

What do you refuse, my takeout?

If coffee, cat handling and fitness have become the “spiritual food” of contemporary urban youth, then takeout has become their “material food”.

Internet users also have their own reasons:

“As a cubicle worker, ordering takeout is convenient and affordable. You can save time for a rest at noon.”

“It’s too hot to move.”

“It takes ten minutes to eat a meal, and an hour or two to cook. First you have to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, and then come back to wash vegetables to cook, after eating also have to wash POTS and pans…… ”

“I can only cook Fried rice with eggs, or Fried vegetables or something. Other dishes, basically do not cook.”

“You get tired of eating the same food all the time. Ordering takeout is the perfect way to avoid this minefield, and I can eat the same takeout every day for a month.”

What are some of the pitfalls you’ve encountered ordering takeout?

For young people in big cities, the fast pace of life, convenient takeaway has become their first choice, of course, encounter all kinds of “pit” is inevitable.

Two sets of meals for free

The difference between take-out and take-out is not unique. According to a survey by a Beijing youth daily reporter, the prices of many restaurants are different from takeout. In a restaurant specializing in breakfast, the original 1.2-yuan pancake was sold for 2 yuan, and the original 8-yuan bowl of mutton soup was sold for 10 yuan. However, in a chain restaurant specializing in rice noodles, the price of different types of rice noodles is generally about 3 yuan higher than the price in the restaurant. Another chain of seafood restaurants sells steamed scallops by fans for 25 yuan each on the delivery platform and 15 yuan each in the restaurant.

— there are many ways to offer discounts and reduce prices

Every order is a test of intelligence, sometimes as complex as “double eleven”. Full reduction activities to calculate how to gather orders, discount can not be fully reduced, and then calculate the use of red envelopes after the price. Compare price even finally, be to discount after all cost-effective, still full reduce cost-effective? However, these are just routine operations.

— food hygiene is a major concern

There have been concerns about the hygiene of takeaway food. Who hasn’t had a bug when you order takeout? In the micro blog, circle of friends, netizens sell food safety exposure, ridicule the sound of constant. Even the delivery guy couldn’t stand it.

In September 2018, video exposed the dirty environment of a takeaway restaurant in chengdu, sichuan province. The oil in the pot turned black. The photographer said he is a takeaway boy who is responsible for food safety and has the obligation to let netizens know the truth.

— “getting the casket and returning the pearl” type packaging

The elaborate packaging makes the meal look “nice” and actually makes the dining experience a little better. However, some take-out packaging is simply grandiose and not environmentally friendly.

“A serving of porridge and two portions of steamed or Fried food, when it arrives, even if two portions of steamed dumplings can be packed in one carton, the merchant must pack them in two separate cartons. If two people eat them together, the cartons will be 20 centimeters high when the garbage is finally thrown away.”