Egg prices fierce, pancake fruit spread not “eggs”

Since entering July, the price of eggs rose significantly, the reporter learned that less than a month, the wholesale price of eggs in nanjing market rose by about one yuan per catty.

At the Shanghai lu vegetable market, “foreign eggs”, or ordinary farmed eggs, sell for 5.5-5.8 yuan per kilogram, while white grass-fed eggs sell for 9-10 yuan per kilogram. When asked about the rising price of eggs, the vendor said that the price of eggs has been on the rise for more than two months, which is the current price in the market. Wholesalers at nanjing zhongcai agricultural and sidesales wholesale market also confirmed that the wholesale price of eggs rose from less than 4 yuan per catty to about 5 yuan per catty in less than a month.

Is the rise in egg prices normal? All color staff zhang ke introduces, the weather is too hot, too cold when the hen’s egg quantity will become less, so the summer and winter will appear egg prices rise. This year, though, egg prices are high. A wholesaler at zhongcai recalled wholesale prices of eggs around 4.5 yuan at this time last year.

Industry analysts say the main reason for this year’s rise in egg prices is the lack of eggs in chicken farms. Several experienced vendors and wholesalers are predicting that egg prices will continue to rise as traditional foods such as mooncakes need a lot of eggs ahead of the Mid-Autumn festival.

A vendor selling jianbing fruit near xinglong street subway station said he hoped the price of eggs would come down soon.